Monday, 1 December 2014


I finally finished my engineering from a reputed college in south india last December after taking six and a half years for a four year course. The main reason for extra two and a half years was neither lack of skills nor a lack of temperament but it was my apprehension to interact with the world around me. In my first year of college, call it luck or call it destiny, I was allocated a room in a hostel which was in a secluded corner far away from other hostels and housed the children of  "rich parents".  Majority of these guys were outgoing, confident and extrovert. Hence by the end of the first year all my friends were outgoing, social and extrovert. But there was a down side to this too.

I was the only one that cleared the first year. Now I had to find a new set of people whom I could interact with. A task herculean in nature for me. This often left me alone during majority of the time. The group of friends I had made were now attending, or rather were supposed to attend, different classes at different timings and had different schedules. Soon I started missing my regular classes and started spending time alone in my room so as to avoid connecting with more people. This was a slippery slope i went down that took a lot more effort to come out of.

Anyways, the reason I why started this blog began an year ago. I had been working for over 8 years in web technologies and had over 2 years experience in networking and about an years experience in Cloud Technologies, Data Center Migrations, Zero downtime Migrations and other technical mumbo jumbo. But when I started applying for jobs after graduating, I realized that this had no value to them just because I had taken a longer than normal period to finish my engineering. I decided that i will invest some of the money I had earned from freelancing into my pet project and try to make a business out of it.

By July, I finished the development and now it was time to market the product. This is where things started to go down slope. I could create, code and program the most difficult of algorithms, but sales and marketing was not forte. I have since then been trying to get away from it. I have tried everything in my power to avoid contacting customers directly. I have tried using internet marketing, mass SMS, email, etc. All this just to pick up the phone and make a phone call asking for a meeting with the required person. It has been 3 months now and I still haven't broken ground. Now I am left with no option but to gather up the the courage and pick up the phone to make some "cold calls".

After some introspection i have realized, the main reason being my introvert, demure and shy nature is fear of rejection, the fear of failure and the fear of how the other person might react. I have decided to observe the people around me, their actions and the reactions they receive. Learn from my observations so as to try to change my nature atleast on the professional front. I will write my learning from day to day life here so that I can read them later and remember them to help me grow.

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